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Queer · and · Loathing · in · America

Sunshine of Your Love

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Wednesday! The week is almost half over!

Well, more than half for me, since I am taking Friday off. I dropped Paul off at the Monteleone this morning--it's not like him not being home is going to be different, I've barely seen him these last few weeks anyway--on my way into the office and am still riding a bit high on the endorphins triggered by my workout with Wacky Russian this morning. I slept really well last night--I even went to bed at nine thirty (!) because I didn't feel so well...and woke up only twice throughout the night before going back to bed. It was kind of awesome, actually; I've been sleeping so well this week that I hope this continues. After the TWFest/S&S weekend, I am going to commit to continue to eat healthy (I've lost nine pounds so far since Carnival) and make it to the gym a few more times a week. It just means going to be earlier and getting up earlier. Without Paul being home at night this week I've been able to get to bed early; once this is all over again I am going to commit to working out more frequently as well as continuing to eat healthier with a goal of being between 190-200 pounds by Labor Day weekend. As I am now at 216 or so, I should think I would be able to do this with a concerted effort over the summer.

It can be done. It can. And it will. It must.

Of course, this means none of my clothes will fit, but hey. There are worse things. And my pants are already too big from the weight loss I've managed so far.

I also need to take advantage of the massage gift certificate Paul gave me for Christmas.

The writing hasn't been going that well this week, at least not so far. I got some disappointing news yesterday about a project I was very excited about, but these things happen. You can't take them personally, but when you're already having a bad writing week having something fall through due to no fault of your own--and frankly, I do think there was some shady shit going on there--it can create a spiral. I feel better today about things, frankly, and ready to get some work done. I am going to do some editing and maybe some brainstorming with the Scotty book--it needs some more thought before I can really get it going--and work on that pesky other short story. I may even edit one of my others and submit it somewhere. Why the fuck not?

And on that note, I am going to get back to the spice mines.

Here's a Hump Day hunk for you, CR.

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