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The first night of parades on St. Charles (Oshun and Kleopatra) was cold and wet and rainy; so we decided to not risk getting sick and stayed in. Carnival is a marathon, not a sprint, there are five parades tomorrow, and another three on Sunday. I do feel bad for not being supprtive of Oshun and Kleopatra (such a New Orleans thing; you feel like not going to a parade makes you a bad New Orleanian). But this is only the first night, and I can't imagine anything worse than having to deal with Carnival while sick. Rule number one of Carnival: self-care is vital to survival.

And today is gorgeous, temperate and sunny and the sky is that achingly beautiful New Orleans blue. Five parades today, starting at 1 this afternoon, which gives me the rest of this morning to get the chores done and the Lost Apartment sort of under control. Huzzah! The kitchen is its usual mess, and of course there is always laundry needing doing.

The circle of life is really about laundry, isn't it? Hakuna matata.

I do feel a little worn out this morning; all of yesterday's walking undoubtedly catching up to me. I used to go into training for Carnival so that my body was in top shape by the time the first parade rolled; I now realize that was also, partly, how I managed to survive Carnival from year to year. I am not in the best physical condition now, and it takes a much harder physical toll on me. (I choose to believe it is not being in as good of physical conditioning as I used to be, rather than just being older. Let me have this one.)

I slept deeply and well, woke up later than I would ordinarily like--I am detecting a trend here, now that I no longer have deadlines--and really need to get a move on today. I've already done the dishes and a load of laundry; time to go get in the shower and wake up and try to get some things done. I am thinking I may just relax and read until Parade One's arrival; there are three back to back and then a break before tonight's two. I suspect I will be extremely tired again tomorrow when I wake up; there are two or three tomorrow but none at night, which will be lovely; an opportunity to relax before going to bed. I've wound up taking Thursday this coming week off; I would have to walk to and from work, and The Powers That Be decided to cancel testing that night--so it didn't make much sense for me to walk three miles in both directions without having any testing to do. I am working late on Tuesday night, have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and so am only working what amounts to about a half-day that day (more or less), and of course will be working the condom table on Friday evening and Monday afternoon.

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

And here's a hot Mardi Gras boy for you.

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On February 18th, 2017 09:46 pm (UTC), rifleman_s commented:
Sounds like a nice, relaxing time.

Enjoy your "parades marathon"!!
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