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Queer · and · Loathing · in · America

Never Going Back Again

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Tonight is my biweekly late night, and tomorrow is my last day in the office before I go on vacation, which is so fucking lovely I cannot wait. I have to do some things today --grocery store and get the oil changed in the car--before I head to work, and I also need to edit and write. I have some laundry going right now, and I also have to do the dishes.

I'm so fascinating.

I am reading Owen Laukkanen's amazing The Watcher in the Walls, and I think I may take Saturday as a day off so I can watch the LSU-Florida game and relax and finish reading it. One of the lovely consequences of recent events has me avoiding wasting time on social media when I get home from work and actually either watching something on television--last night I watched the season finale of American Horror Story, which was incredibly awful and a complete waste of time, just as the entire season was--or reading; I'm really enjoying the reading, frankly, and there are so many books I need to read. Just that extra hour or so of reading every day is getting me through the TBR file ever so much faster and it's absolutely lovely. I love reading so much.

I also got some lovely new books in the mail yesterday, not the least of which is Michael Thomas Ford's Lily, which I am hoping to read very soon.

I also got Lara Parker's latest Dark Shadows novel, Heiress of Collinwood; I think I might indulge myself and read those novels during Christmas.

I'm also feeling a bit discombobulated this morning; I am going to have to get out my list and make sure I am getting everything done today that I need to get done.

And on that note--back to the spice mines.
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On November 17th, 2016 08:38 pm (UTC), rifleman_s commented:
Hope you have a lovely holiday!
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