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Queer · and · Loathing · in · America

I Need a Lover

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Yesterday was our (gulp) twenty-first anniversary.


It's hard for me to comprehend how much time has passed since Paul and I first met and became a couple; it never seems like it's been as long as it has until I sit down and think about things and think, wow, that WAS a long time ago. The person I hired to finish typing Bourbon Street Blues and type Jackson Square Jazz laughed when she read my bio in the back of Jackson Square Jazz, "oh, you and Paul were only together eight years when this came out!"

That gave me some perspective on the passing of time.

It seems sometimes now that I've been published for all of my life; it's hard to look back through the fogs and mists of time to remember back when I wasn't, you know? I got my first ever published piece shortly after I moved in with Paul back in 1996; it's weird to think that my first paid gig as a writer was as sports columnist for a gay publication in Minneapolis. In ten days is our anniversary of moving to New Orleans; twenty years here.


I've been tired a lot lately, not sure what that is all about, but hopefully since I need to kick everything into high gear (buried again after a very short respite) I've got to get moving on things.

I have also decided to buy a new desktop computer. Mine is acting wonky; it has been ever since I had that issue with the Finder a while back, and I also realized that it, like my phone and iPad, is over six years old. 'Tis time to retire it and get a new one; and fortunately Apple has a pretty cool recycling program I can use to dispose of it. It's now just a question of when I am going to go get to Metairie to get it. (I do like going to the Apple store, and there is is a Smashburger at the mall....) I was thinking of waiting until next Wednesday when I have a day off to go, but I also have a tendency to get really impatient when it comes to getting things once I decide I want them.

Heavy heaving sigh.

All right, back to the spice mines.

Here's a hot athlete for you, Constant Reader:

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